MVS Communications, established in 1995, is based in Cyprus and serves as the group’s gateway to Europe and the Middle East.

We provide airtime, maritime & land equipment, installations and support for the entire portfolio of satellite services provided by MVS.

The Cyprus office which is conveniently located in Limassol, not only does it serve the Mediterranean seafaring community, but also the world at large, distributing equipment from Iridium, Inmarsat, Cobham, Intellian and Thuraya, ranging from satellite phones to high capacity broadband satellite terminals.

Affiliated to MVS is MVS USA which covers the Americas providing satellite communication solutions since 1993.

Furthermore, MVS is an Iridium Tier1 Service Provider and an Inmarsat Distribution Partner and as such provides globally a variety of services. Additionally, MVS provides Thuraya and VSAT services.

Operating its own secured PoP (point of presence), in New York and Amsterdam, MVS offers advanced data network management, IP management, equipment distribution and a team of experts working to bring solutions to our customers. MVS works globally providing local support no matter where the customers are based.

The MVS Customer Service team offers customer service and trouble ticketing online and in-person. All calls and trouble tickets are managed by the MVS staff, 24/7.

Additionally, MVS offers, its own online tool for activations, pin codes, firewalls, VAS (value added services), customer care, reporting and billing. The dashboard offers a user-friendly design and single access to all services.

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